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As an independent software developer, I offer a wide range of services in the field of information technology. My main activity is the development of native Android apps.


Experience and Offer

The development of Android apps in all its facets is the focus of my daily work. I work with Android Studio in the latest version and Eclipse with the Android SDK. Since my first app, which I created with my bachelor thesis in the year 2011, I implemented several projects successfully and gained a lot of experience: Integration of external libraries, custom UI elements and gesture control, animations, REST, API, server connections, camera, video, GPS, tracking, Google Maps, iBeacons, NFC, QR code scanner, image galleries, root functions ...

In the field of web programming I focus on developing individual software solutions with PHP and HTML5. Laravel and AngularJS are here my currently preferred frameworks, but I have knowledge in classic CMS like Drupal too.

I design and develop your app from scratch or extend existing applications - alone or in a team - remotely or at your location. I've already good experience with tools like Git and Jira and agile software development with Scrum for a successful cooperation.


My clients include young companies and entrepreneurs from the IT and startup scene, advertising and web agencies and private clients. For requests from recruiters I am open too and were already connected to well-known customers that way.


An actual list of my successful finished projects I can send you via email on interest. Feel free to contact me.
As a playground for my own Ideas I have an Developer-Account at Play Store

About me

Mathias Vogler


I was born 1979 in the very south of Germany and lived there the longest time of my life. After secondary school I finished a classic education as draftsman and worked about 15 years in a small office for civil engineering.

With more and more interest in computer science, I found a new career objective and started me educate sideline. First, I achieved a graduate as technician in computer science and filled the requirements for studying at a technical college with that.

2012 i was finally ready for a new beginning. I quit my safe job, moved to Berlin to finish college and started as a self employed software developer. Here I found easy connections and never regret this step until today.

In my free time I like travelling and learn to know foreign countries and cultures. As an opposite to workdesk and city life, I enjoy moving in nature - while jogging or extensive biking and hiking. I am also interested in synthesizers and electronic music, I like modern architecture, exotic food and technical achievements of our time.


1996 - Mittlere Reife (Realschule) in Sonthofen / Allgäu
1999 - Bauzeichner (Schwerpunkt Tief-, Strassen-, Landschaftsbau) in Sonthofen / Allgäu
2006 - Staatlich geprüfter Informatiker (DAA Technikum) und Fachabitur
2013 - Bachelor of Science Medieninformatik (Online) an der Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin
seit 2013 - Master of Science Medieninformatik (Online) an der Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin

Additional Qualifications

2013 Coursera: Machine Learning (Stanford University) certificate
2014 Coursera: Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems (University of Maryland) certificate
2015 Coursera: Mobile Cloud Computing for Android (Univ. of Maryland / Vanderbilt Univ.) certificates

Contact and Imprint

Mathias Vogler
Paul-Zobel-Str. 8 B
10367 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 - 74 69 34 69

Tax number: 32/572/00589
Responsible according to § 55 Abs. 2 RfStV: Mathias Vogler

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